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WW1 and Canadian Autonomy

  While it may seem counterintuitive that joining alliances in a battle would reinforce a type of independence for the participants, this is what happened for the Newfoundlanders during the battle of Beaumont – Hamel. After many unproductive months between… Continue Reading →

Desmos Graph

When I was choosing my picture, I chose depending on how many lines would be needed for the outline and what kind of equations make that shape. After pasting the picture into the graph, I outlined the body and suit… Continue Reading →

It’s Immoral to Understate the Importance of John A. Macdonald

Olesya Kondrateva Mr. Morris English 10 May 8th 2019   It’s Immoral to Understate the Importance of John A. Macdonald   Historical rankings of Canada’s top prime ministers have consistently placed John A. Macdonald as the 2nd and 3rd most… Continue Reading →

In Depth Final

Throughout this project, I have grown to learn that everyone values different aspects of artwork. For example, my mentor tends to see the shading around the neck, chin, and nose. I, on the other hand, care more about the overall… Continue Reading →

Frederick Banting

I have read the biography called Frederick Banting by Stephen Eaton Hume for this novel study. Banting’s discovery of insulin and prolonged scientific studies interest me particularly because there are only so many notable Canadian scientists. “He took a dog-earned anatomy book from… Continue Reading →

In Depth Post 5

Over the break, I finally started trying to paint with oil. Getting back into the swing of painting was hard as I have not done it in a while. My art teacher died back in grade 5, and I frankly… Continue Reading →

We Live in Postnationalism

Canada is a postnational place because we have no need for unique values in order to maintain a functional society. When Canada was first forming, it had smaller nations of people united under similar beliefs. These beliefs were fueled by historical hardships, which brought about heritage and culture. As the hardships vanished from prospering society and immigration increased, nations got exposure to different people and lost the emphasis on their own heritage. Furthermore, the headstrong, “back in the day” generations died over time, leaving us, the underexposed offspring to make the decisions. We do not know of the need to segregate people for our own survival. When hearing Justin Trudeau say “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada” (Foran, 2017), we need to understand that he comes from an age and family of privilege, and does not see the absolute necessity to be connected by a central motivation in order to prosper. Sure, some may argue that ‘multiculturalism’ is the central value of Canada, and while that may be the case, we are not united as a nation by the fact that we’re all different. Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, “introduced multiculturalism as official national policy. The challenge, then, might have seemed to define a national identity to match” (Foran, 2017). But, because we still haven’t found a national identity, Justin Trudeau is okay with not implementing one at all, because it wasn’t there to begin with. Frankly, we are doing alright without the complexity of inspiring and harmonizing 36 million people with something other than capitalistic ideals. -------paragraph break (formatting issue in WordPress)----------- A Canadian philosopher, Marshall McLuhan, said that “Canada is the only country in the world that knows how to live without an identity” (McLuhan, 1963). “According to poet and scholar BW Powe, McLuhan saw in Canada the raw materials for a dynamic new conception of nationhood, one unshackled from the state’s ‘demarcated borderlines and walls, its connection to blood and soil,’ its obsession with ‘cohesion based on a melting pot, on nativist fervor, the idea of the promised land” (Foran, 2017). In other words, McLuhan started believing that Canada does not need standard nationhood, or the beliefs of segregating people by ethnicity, history, or values. Instead, we can build our own idea of a stable community based on more generalized concepts. Almost 60 years later after McLuhan’s statement, “Trudeau claims Canada has no ‘core identity.’ On the other hand he says the Canadian identity is quite coherent — we all share the values of “openness, respect, compassion, willingness to work hard, to be there for each other, to search for equality and justice” (Todd, 2017). Although this lack of core identity may seem like failure to older people, it can also be interpreted as being stronger for being held together by these simple values in accordance with normal laws. These integral values also protect us from adopting less pure ones. A journalist wrote “[Trudeau is] saying this is a place where respect for minorities trumps any one groups way of doing things” (Todd, 2017). While that may be true, how logical is it to be ‘traditional’ and the other way around? How much does it make sense to enforce judgement on others because that's such a major part of our history? Our focus on multiculturalism encourages a good trajectory for laws, and keeps the nationalism very neutral. Canada is a postnational place because we do not need nationalism to keep this country together, and we are a better place for eliminating the inclusivity problems associated with strong beliefs.  

Canada is a postnational place because we have no need for unique values in order to maintain a functional society. When Canada was first forming, it had smaller nations of people united under similar beliefs. These beliefs were fueled by… Continue Reading →

In-Depth 4

  As a very hopeful person, I like to aim for the best possible situation. At the beginning of in-depth, I thought that I would have a greater inclination to draw and create, despite being stretched very thin every day…. Continue Reading →

Romeo and Juliet Act 2 Critical Response

I strongly believe that Romeo and Juliet can be described as “infatuated children engaging in puppy love” because of their limited knowledge and experience of each other’s company. When Friar Laurence finds out about their ambitious marriage plans and explosive… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post 3

This last two weeks of portraiture have been quite a struggle. While I am improving on sketching the facial proportions, blending and smudging decently is a lot harder to do. I only have one acceptable mediocre sketch to show for this,… Continue Reading →

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