When I was choosing my picture, I chose depending on how many lines would be needed for the outline and what kind of equations make that shape. After pasting the picture into the graph, I outlined the body and suit with simple linear equations. The top of the head, feet, and arms took more fiddling because they were made of quadratic and square root functions. I first made the correct shape of parabola by using a large enough number to multiply the x by, and then determined it’s positioning by adding or subtracting from its input / output. The same went for making circles, as in the eyeballs and goggles. Additionally, I made the restrictions on the x and y axis smaller in order to make segments of circles for the shoes. I was challenged by adding in inequalities for complex shapes who’s perimeter are made of more than 3 lines with different types of functions. Overall, this assignment taught me about the relationship between the way of manipulating one side of y=x and the output that it produces.