Throughout this project, I have grown to learn that everyone values different aspects of artwork. For example, my mentor tends to see the shading around the neck, chin, and nose. I, on the other hand, care more about the overall placement of the anatomy. For this reason, I have been turning my paintings upside down so that I focus on the shades instead. It is important to consider the opinions of others, and to try to accommodate most of them to a certain extent.

There are many alternative techniques that can be used when painting. I have tried many different orders of putting down the colour, such as working from one area with one layer or adding several thin ones and waiting several days for the paint to dry. I’ve have been recommended to coordinate the technique according to the colour of the background (darker, thicker paint; lighter, work from the middle). Additionally, the primer that is used to keep the oil from seeping into the canvas can be substituted with acrylic paint.

por2 por1

(The hair is currently just the base layer, which is why there is no other colour to it and the hair part is monstrous.)

During in-depth, I am going to keep my learning center very simplistic. My station is near the front of the stage, and I anticipate that the lighting might not be too great. I will open up the curtain beside me to let some light in, but paintings look better when dimmed down anyways. I will use a tri fold or a giant piece of cardboard to secure the papers and thin canvases onto. If I finish a larger painting, then in will also bring an easel. On the table, different types of supplies will be set up along with some paper to demonstrate on. Some people come around with questions, so it will be easier to answer them when I am able to show them the process. The most interesting part of this is allowing them to use the pallet knife to mix the paint, so I will challenge them to mix the correct tone according to a picture that I will print out. They can attempt to construct their own paintings, which will be an interesting experience.