The learner’s first entry introduces their project, reasons for their choice and a description of their mentors. 


Portraiture is an ancient skill that has undergone many cultural and periodic developments, which makes it all the more interesting to analyze. Because of technological advancements in photography, the ability to precisely replicate people by hand is growing to be more inapplicable in the modern world. Nonetheless, this delicate and impressive art form still deserves attention. During this year’s in-depth project, I want to learn how to draw and paint people reasonably well. This experience will provide me with a better artistic eye and a stronger appreciation for the uniqueness and diversity of people. Thorugh previous attempts, I know that this is a skill that I can develop with practice, which is my plan for the next 5 months.

It is important to take this process step-by-step, organizing each technique sequentially so as to not get discouraged. I will first start off with the most rudimentary way to practice shading: graphite and charcoal. These dry mediums allow the attention to be concentrated on the technique, instead of the inconveniences of the medium. They are also very time-consuming, so there are more opportunities to correct mistakes. After I understand facial structure well enough, I will move onto the wet mediums such as watercolour and oil. Both are very hard to work with, take time to get adjusted to, and make different styles of artwork. More time will be allotted towards these mediums, if I find that they are worthwhile to work with.

I became interested in art again because of art 9 last year. Ms. Kim was my teacher, and it was very fascinating to see significant improvement in my work over such a short period of time. She is spectacular to get feedback from, which is likely the main reason why I want to improve on this skill. I will be visiting her CL class weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) to get corrections on my most recent artwork. Afterward, I will do my best to improve on those corrections for the following week. As I have already been in her class, I should know most of the concepts she will be explaining. This makes it easier for Ms. Kim to mentor me, and gives me more time to practice.

In the end, I really hope that the improvement will be visible in my learning center. I am very excited to see where this adventure takes me!