What new questions have come up in your inquiry? Will you include these in your final presentation, or might they be saved for future research or assignments? Do these questions help narrow your focus or do they distract you from your original proposal? 

In order to have legible letters, it is important to write in a larger font with incredible precision. Because the shape of the Gregg letters are very cumbersome, I have started exploring different types of stenography, like Pittman or Teeline.


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As you can see, other types of stenography are a lot more angular, therefore, the letters are more easily distinguishable. Because it will take a long time to learn another type of shorthand and all of its abbreviations, I will definitely stick with Gregg for the meantime. While searching for other resources, I also found an old edition of another Gregg manual, adapted for medical terminology. As that is something I would like to go into, this is a great additional perk of choosing this type of stenography.


Another topic of interest is the adaptation of Gregg into another language. While simply learning to write in Russian is something that I can work on, why not just adapt these letters to portray the same ideas, only in a significantly simpler way? Of course, I would need to come up with new brief forms for common words, but this is manageable because stenography is phonetic anyways.

In the end, there aren’t very many questions that arise while learning this skill. I would like to achieve competence in it soon, because the inability to comprehend the writing will make this too tedious a process.