With the start of April-May-June, the past couple of weeks have been quite hectic, yet much more productive than usual. I’ve had small amounts of free time here and there, and I dedicated those segments to a larger baking project. Puff pastry is very time consuming, with the many folds and chillings that need to be done before it is completed, so it took a couple of days just to prepare the dough itself. I was originally going to use that dough to make croissants, but despite my best efforts, it turned out to be very uneven and sticky. I used the dough to then instead make just puff-pastry squares and attempt croissants later. I have a couple more recipes that I want to attempt and finalize, which take up the time right before in-depth night.


Additionally, it was my mom’s birthday a couple days ago. While my in-depth is mainly about dough, practicing utilizing batters is also important for obtaining experience. We made a cake that is based off of a soufflé batter, and has many components to its icing. It was one of the only cakes available to the public back in the communist days of Russia.


During In-depth night, I want to assemble a sampling station for the various types of dough and pastries. If I have about 10 different types of pastries with about 20 bite sized pieces, then that would be quite a sufficient amount for a presentable learning center. As this is quite a large amount, I will do my best to prepare for all this baking by premaking the majority of the dough. Also, I will provide copies of the recipes, suggestions for dietary adjustments, and additional baking tip. The hardest part of the preparation process of this will probably be how organized I have to be in order to complete this large task. In the end, I can only hope that this doesn’t go wrong and I don’t poison anyone.