The mentoring for the last couple of weeks had been less than at the beginning of this project, but nonetheless it has been just as valuable and productive as before. I have been quite busy lately, and I really appreciate that my mentor is very flexible and is willing to make time for me in most cases. Also, the fact that she’s generally a very understanding and easygoing person is really helpful to our mentoring sessions because of how easily plans can change and better ideas can come along. Because cooking is her favourite hobby, I’ve learned that she always has to be on her toes in terms of baking for any special occasions that she sometimes doesn’t know about until the day of. She is such a positive and relaxed person, and just being around her is really fun because the conversation definitely doesn’t always revolve around the task at hand. Her friend’s daughter owns a business of making these beautiful paper flowers and display walls.

Of course, that isn’t just an understated way of saying we don’t do anything. My mentor doesn’t work in the area or have any connections, but I find that her experience is definitely enough to learn from for this project. After all, there are so many things that I can learn from the internet as well. There is also my job, which is a great place to observe the industrial food preparation process. The machinery and setup is really interesting. To actually bake, you would need to have a number of certifications as well as a legitimate culinary education. I, on the other hand, just clean the premises and work the register.

Last week, I attempted at making rainbow bagels. My mistake was forgetting to put the food colouring into the yeast water, initially so it was hard to mix in. The fact that it was the worst type of colouring also didn’t help much. I would add the picture, but it’s really blurred and the bagels were burned anyways.