With everything going on in the last week, I haven’t been able to bake as much as I usually would. Also, my mentor broke her arm (along with other health complications) so she will be unable to physically bake for the meantime. Overall, I don’t think that this will be a very large problem because we are able to cooperate and communicate well. What really helps me is her feedback, anyways. I really appreciate that we can meet on almost any day since her schedule is so flexible. Even though we don’t meet for an excessive amount of time, I am worried that I may be causing her unnecessary stress. Russians have a tendency to be very plethoric with their hospitality, so I am most likely not the direct catalyst for it. Either way, I’m quite a good child, so it’s better to let her have some more time to recover. Because of this, I am going to a job interview at my local bakery tomorrow. As an employee, I probably won’t serve an important role in the food preparation. Still, it will be a really cool way for me to experience the baking industry.

Last week, I experimented with pie crust and tried a few batters. For the most part, both are just incredibly different. I made two pies- one for us and one for my mentor’s 60th birthday. Both recipes were slightly different, but I ended up with virtually the same result. The one on the right wasn’t baked yet, because I wanted it to be fresh and crispy prior to visiting my mentor.