A significant object to me is this green, glass egg that I brought with me to Canada 8 years ago. If I recall correctly, I believe that it was given to me by my brother, right before my family immigrated. I have never visited Russia after that, so this is a very important primary source to me once being there. I was 6 years old at back then, while my brother was 15. I’m not sure where and how he got it, or even the meaning behind it. Being so young, I don’t think that he meant for it to be symbolic in any way. The only thing I know for sure is that he understood that green is absolutely my favourite colour. The funny thing is, as a child, I had a tendency to cling onto the simplest objects and make them symbolic. No one really knows why I have it, but I think it’s because it reminds me of the -very nice- memories of my childhood. Physically, though, the egg resembles the sanded down pieces of broken bottles that you would find on the beach. While that’s definitely bad for the environment, the memory is special to me because we don’t have such an abundance of it in BC. Just like that, the random production of decorative glass eggs is also probably not too common here as well. This artifact is a really neat way for me to remember that place; by how different it is. I also like how such an object doesn’t portray any direct meaning, yet you can still pull out subtle details of it’s history because of how much is left to the imagination. For example, it has it has a couple air bubbles and holes on its surface. Yet, because of this and the amount of time ago that this object was obtained, making inferences about it and even obtaining information from my brother wouldn’t be very accurate. It’s significant to me because I made it feel significant, but it will be absolutely nothing to anyone else