How can history help us to live in the present?

If we consider history to be everything that came before the present moment, then it’s definitely what defines, builds, and progresses the time now. As children, we learn what to do and not do because of our experience with the outcome of certain decisional pathways. As we grow, we progressively get better at making wiser decisions for the most positive effect on our lives. Sometimes, though, the decisions we make based on our own life experiences won’t do justice to the good intentions we have. The history before we were alive is much more detailed in the aspect of covering a broader range of important morals and values. By studying those situations, we have the possibility of developing a judgment even wiser than we would ever be able to in 80 uneducated years. With analyzing the details of those situations, we are able to look at the world then and now from different perspectives. The many roads that the situations took and didn’t take usually support the certain values that were significant to those people at the time. This teaches us about the importance of those values, the reasons behind them, and how to incorporate a certain level of considerateness into our current ways of thinking. Overall, using the accumulated lessons that we can learn from history will help us accelerate our live’s everyday efficiency.