Since we started this project, I never thought that something that I do to procrastinate (such as bake) would become the assignment itself. Every aspect of this inquiry had been great, especially working with my mentor. Some days, I will drop by and get her feedback on the pastry that I previously baked, and other times, we would make her favourite/ the essential recipes together. It’s a very fun experience, especially because this is a safe and calm activity. Unlike in a risk-filled environment (such as a carpentry room), I don’t have to worry about something going horribly wrong when I mess up. Because of this, communication with my mentor is really clear and lacks tension. Also, we drink tea and talk while the dough rises and bakes, making for a really good friendship. If there is any obstacle that we have, it’s that we go off-topic all the time. Also, I’m a little rusty when it comes to really rich conversations in Russian. She’s very understanding though, and doesn’t mind how I switch languages mid-sentence. Three helpful strategies that we could implement into our meetings would be to focus our attention on the thing at hand, to discuss how we will be proactive with our next steps, and improve our time efficiency. While the first two are essential in the moment, the second would be something that we can set up prior to our meeting. For example, I could prepare some aspects of the recipe and reduce the time we wait later on. Afterwards, when we have finished our de-brief on the baking, we briefly address how we will prepare for our next one by making the list of the things we can make, the knowledge we need to have before we start and the ingredients necessary. She’s had a broad range of experience with everything, so the research portion is definitely my responsibility. All the insight and tricks that I’ve learned from her have been very helpful in improving the quality of the dough that I make. My decision-making skills have become much more autonomous, and I have a better understanding of all the possible outcomes. Recently, we have made some pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, and very, very dry cinnamon rolls. I’m not too great with homogenous doughs yet.