For my inquiry project, I am interested in exploring the question:

What are the essential components of effective formal writing?

Within this question, I could look into what the different styles of writing are, how to incorporate them into our communication, and what effect they psychologically have on us. Through this inquiry, I am looking to learn how to formulate better pieces of formal writing in order to be more successful in my communication and individuality.

I chose this question because throughout my childhood, I was always faced with the problem of having to manage finance, paperwork, availability, (etc…) for all the things that I am involved with (such as school, swimming, art and music classes, and even my parent’s emails to everyone who specifically requested to not talk to a child). Especially when I was in elementary school, no one seemed to take me seriously. All the people I spoke to either brushed me off, didn’t trust me, off or asked for my parents’ emails. I never could quite understand why it was so rare for a 9 year old to question the treasurer’s calculations or to write the class absence notes and just get the parents to sign off on them. Although I am much older now, I am still excited to pursue this inquiry because I need to keep up my momentum of gaining improvement in my writing. Currently, I can write satisfactory emails and explain my points well, but I am looking for more strategies to leave a larger impact on the reader. I have a good general database of what people are looking for and how they may react to my writing.

Other than Mr. Morris, I can approach almost any parent to get help with editing or to have an extra opinion. There are also numerous online and printed resources, such as the book on the 50 best university applications. I could also find many other books on the application and construction of professional literature pieces.

When I find all the information that I need in order to be confident in what I write, I am thinking of presenting my learning in a PowerPoint/Prezi format. I will make it an informative crash course for the class, and at the end, I will do an interactive activity for testing their knowledge of my main points. Most likely, it will be the dissection and correction of an email.

While I may not stick to it very well, here is the general outline of my timeline for completing this:


Friday, December 8th Finish weekly blog post on research and finish the basics of research
Tuesday, December 12th Start familiarization with psychological effects of different writing strategies
Friday, December 15th Hopefully finish all research
Friday, December 19th Halfway through completion of presentation
Friday, December 22nd Finish presentation