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Month December 2017

Zip Doc of Learning 3

As I am finalizing my PowerPoint and practicing presenting, I realize that I have overthought the entire zip process. At the beginning of my inquiry, I set the standard for myself quite high, and for some reason, it just seemed… Continue Reading →

Zip Doc of Learning 2

What is a specific source of information that you have found valuable in answering your inquiry question? How has it proved valuable? Explain.   The outline of my inquiry question covers the basics of proper, professional, grammatical writing. Because I… Continue Reading →

Zip Doc of Learning #1

Throughout my online research so far, I have come upon the problem of not finding a source that connects two of the aspects of my inquiry: literature and psychology. All the resources talk about either the generic structure of paragraphs… Continue Reading →

REAL Success Reflection

From watching How to be a REAL Success by John Maxwell, we learned many valuable lessons on leadership that are very applicable in our everyday school lives. The abbreviation “REAL” stands for the four key aspects of becoming successful. Because… Continue Reading →

Junior’s Conflict

One of the most significant conflicts in Junior’s life is his own sense of self-worth and outlook on the things that make up who he is. When Junior first introduces himself, he says that “My head was so big that… Continue Reading →

ZIP Proposal

For my inquiry project, I am interested in exploring the question: What are the essential components of effective formal writing? Within this question, I could look into what the different styles of writing are, how to incorporate them into our… Continue Reading →

Eminent Annotated Bibliography

While I used many sources for my Eminent research, I found these are the most helpful ones.   “Irène Joliot-Curie.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 30 Nov. 2017, At the very beginning of this project, I turned to this source to be familiarized… Continue Reading →

My Quest for Dry Ice

Document of Learning From the many things that I had to do throughout my school career, I always found public speaking to be the scariest. You can only imagine my relief when speeches were finally over, and the construction of… Continue Reading →

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