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In-Depth Post #3

Since we started this project, I never thought that something that I do to procrastinate (such as bake) would become the assignment itself. Every aspect of this inquiry had been great, especially working with my mentor. Some days, I will… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post #2

These first couple of in-depth weeks have been quite fun. So far, I have met with my mentor twice, but have not seen them recently due to some personal issues that arose in their life. From what I have seen,… Continue Reading →

MSND Lazy Sonnet

Queen Wakes Scene Breaks Actor Left Disaster Bereft Father’s Wrong Minors Belong Best Manifest

How can emotions change our perception of the world?

William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream demonstrates that love can not only change our perception of the people we love, but also our perception of ourselves. For example, when Hermia says “I would rather my father look’d but with my eyes”… Continue Reading →

In-Depth (Introductory) Post #1

Directly after the completion of Eminent, all the stress-based conversations that lurked around the locker bay revolved around In-Depth. Of course, I was quite intimidated by the idea of a project twice as long as Eminent, yet the idea of… Continue Reading →

ZIP doc of learning 4

Reflect on your inquiry and how your understanding is changing, becoming more focused or is perhaps being reaffirmed by your research. What do you now know that you didn’t know when you started this inquiry? When I first started researching… Continue Reading →

Zip Doc of Learning 3

As I am finalizing my PowerPoint and practicing presenting, I realize that I have overthought the entire zip process. At the beginning of my inquiry, I set the standard for myself quite high, and for some reason, it just seemed… Continue Reading →

Zip Doc of Learning 2

What is a specific source of information that you have found valuable in answering your inquiry question? How has it proved valuable? Explain.   The outline of my inquiry question covers the basics of proper, professional, grammatical writing. Because I… Continue Reading →

Zip Doc of Learning #1

Throughout my online research so far, I have come upon the problem of not finding a source that connects two of the aspects of my inquiry: literature and psychology. All the resources talk about either the generic structure of paragraphs… Continue Reading →

REAL Success Reflection

From watching How to be a REAL Success by John Maxwell, we learned many valuable lessons on leadership that are very applicable in our everyday school lives. The abbreviation “REAL” stands for the four key aspects of becoming successful. Because… Continue Reading →

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